JAZMYN'S Guitarist
One Friday evening in April 2004, Jeff Ray walked into Showmans Jazz Club in Harlem, New York where Jazmyn was performing, and he was carrying his guitar. During our first break, he inquired if he could sit in because he was enjoying himself so much. We gave him the opportunity during our first song of the 2nd set when we played “The World is a Ghetto”. He was phenomenal, so phenomenal that we asked him to finish out the night if he had the time.

One gig lead to another, and we asked him to become a permanent member of the band. With a regular schedule of performing in Las Vegas, Jeff decided to make Vegas his home.  He worked with the band for 9 years and became one of its most popular musicians. You can hear how great a guitarist he was and experience the passion with which he played.

You may not be able to see the great man and dedicated band member he was, but if you will open your ears, his music will open your heart, and your eyes will see how much the world is blessed to have had him and will miss now that he’s gone. 
Rest in Peace Jeff. You completed work while you were here … Great Work!


A Guitarist's "Guitarist"

JEFF RAY Tribute in New York City